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It's Time For YOU to BLOSSOM

They have always said that April showers bring May flowers.  Does that mean that April is always doomed to be depressing?  Should we expect to carry our umbrellas around everywhere we go?  I say not.  I say let us take our own lives back and blossom anew.

You might be asking yourself how is that possible?  It is always easier said than done.  Is that how it goes?  How can we defy the odds and change the norm, change the standard?  It is your time, your time to blossom.  I love that path for you.

Let us light our Blossom candle and be mindful. THIS is how you will begin to blossom, through mindfulness skills.

Blossom Soy wax woodwick candle | Mindfulness






Below are some options for increasing mindfulness.  What is mindfulness you may ask? 

Well, it is the ability to sustain concentration and attention on a particular activity, thought, or feeling that is in the moment. 

Mindfulness also involves learning to minimize distracting (and often judgmental or negative thoughts.  “I CAN’T DO THIS.” “I WILL NEVER SUCCEED.” "I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH."

Notice that you had a distracting thought, but direct yourself back to the mindfulness task, like you would when learning to walk.  Get back up and try again. You cannot master this with one try, but this is not for everyone either.




Mindful Eating

During your breakfast examine your food. Watch how the hand moves towards your mouth. Take a moment to smell it, how does the body start reacting to smell. Is your mouth watering? I am thinking of M&M's and it is working.  Begin chewing slowly, is it spicy, sweet, sour, savory. As you eat, be aware of sensations, be in that moment and enjoy it. Your wind should be knocked out of you every time you eat, especially if it’s a M&M.

Visual Meditation

This is one of my personal favorite mindfulness methods to know.  I am a visual person, so I can relate to this technique most.  It starts by: Fix your gaze on an object in your line of vision, take several deep belly breaths and glue your eyes to the object.  Let it capture your interest as though it were the only object around you.  Try not to judge what you are seeing or have any thoughts, “just see.”  Just be present and breathe.

Mindful Walking

If you love nature and the outdoors, then this could be your answer.  Walk slowly and carefully feeling your feet connect at each point on the floor.  Without controlling breath too much, you can try pairing walking and breathing so that one foot touches the ground at each in and out breath.  Direct all attention towards the sensation of walking, how do your feet, your legs feel.  What is the texture of the ground (hard, soft, cracks, stones)?  Different surfaces? Different smells?


At any time, while you are practicing your mindfulness techniques, you may notice that you had a distracting thought but direct yourself back to the mindfulness task, gently.  Get back up and try again. You cannot master this with one try, but this is not for everyone either.  We must remind ourselves not to judge when you cannot keep interest.  These are skills that we have all tried at Graceful Touch to help us always stay self-aware and increase our mindfulness for the moment and day.  This has also been said to reduce anxiety and depression. 

When thoughts arise, acknowledge them, and let them come and go like the wind.  Again, and again, you’ll get caught up in your thoughts.  As soon as you realize this has happened, gently acknowledge it, not what the thought was that distracted you, and bring your attention back to the mindfulness task.

I love this path for you. XO

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