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Mindfulness and Meditation



In lieu of yesterday being World Meditation Day, we wanted to share another healthy mindset habit: meditation!

Whether used as a spiritual practice, or simply to get in touch with yourself, your feelings, and the day at hand, we love practicing meditation every morning as apart of our daily routine.

10-20 minutes is all you really need to find instant peace, motivation, inner calm, or the solution to your latest problem. Ready to try meditation for yourself?

Start here:

We always do a short smudging before our Sunday meditation.  This helps to cleanse the energy all around you, and really helps with setting those intentions for your meditation session.

Mindful Meditation Tips 

Now it's time to begin!

Step One:

Invest in a mediation app, find a guide on YouTube, or simply put on some claiming instrumental music.

Step Two:

Sit or lie down in quiet room, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. Spend the first few minutes calming your mind and releasing distracting thoughts, keeping your mind as blank as possible, while maintaining your breathing and relaxing your muscles one by one.

Step Three:

When you feel your mind is calm, centered, and comfortably blank, allow your thoughts to pursue your feelings or goals for the day, one by one, or simply remain at peace for the remainder of your session! Rinse and repeat every day, slowly working your way from 5 minutes to 10 or 20 minutes.

We love this journey for you. XO

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