Designed To Gracefully Touch Your Senses

Graceful Touch products were designed to awaken your soul and follow your bliss.  We are passionate about inspiring others to practice self awareness. We live on a bountiful planet that provides us with a plethora of resources to help enhance our lives. Why not take advantage of them all? By using any product from the Graceful Touch line, you will learn to unlock a hidden love for yourself and discover the true meaning of self care. 

Awaken your soul

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lavender Candle, Lavender, wood wick, Personal Growth, Meditation, flowers, scent, soy wax, soy wax candle, inspiration

Conquer from within

Herbal Bath Salt

Bath Salts, Herbal Tea Bath, Epsom Salt, Essential Oil, Chamomile
Herbal Tea, Gift Set, Tea Sampler, Loose Leaf, organic tea

Gourmet Loose Tea

Self Care Begins With Your Mental & Spiritual Well-being

High quality beauty products to enhance your mindfulness:

Long Lasting Candles

Achieve a wider slower burn that lasts over 90 hours 

Aromatic Bath Salts

Enjoy fragrant, aromatic bath salts to help relax and rejuvenate your precious skin

Luxurious Essential Oils 

Reverse the clock with powerfully stimulating and beneficial essential oils